Swinburne Maddison’s straight-talking commercial team is the first point of contact for all commercial contractual related matters. The areas in which the team is able to advise is incredibly diverse and includes drawing up or assessing existing contractual arrangements, terms and conditions of business, service level, agency and distribution agreements.

We can provide our clients with the benefit of a wide range of expertise from within the firm. In particular, the commercial team will regularly work with the Dispute Resolution team to mitigate against the possibility of a dispute arising in the future. We take the view that it is often more cost-effective for clients to ensure that robust, tailored and relevant contractual arrangements are in place to avoid future confusion and the complexities and issues associated with litigation.

We take a personal and tailored approach to individual client needs. We’re confident that this explains why our client base is so diverse and includes various businesses operating in numerous sectors and disciplines.  The commercial team also has significant experience acting on behalf of a number public sector and quasi-public sector organisations. In particular, the team has significant experience in advising on all aspects of public procurement legislation from assisting with tender procedures to bringing and dealing with challenges in respect of failure to comply with the regulations associated with procurement.

Swinburne Maddison’s commercial services include:   

  • commercial agreements
  • outsourcing
  • public procurement
  • intellectual property
  • licensing
  • dispute resolution

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