dispute resolution.

Swinburne Maddison’s expert dispute resolution team provide a high quality dispute resolution service to private clients, private sector businesses and public sector organisations. We are the first point of contact for resolving the fullest range of disputes from private disputes between individuals, personal injuries and clinical negligence to commercial, contractual, property, landlord and tenant and debt recovery disputes.

We take a bespoke and pragmatic approach to each case - assessing all aspects of a dispute, setting out the viable options to a client and making recommendations on how a dispute can reach settlement or resolution through court proceedings and scrutinise all available options, from start to finish.

Where appropriate, we’ll investigate proactive mediation, negotiation and settlement routes which can often reach faster and more cost-effective conclusions than a trial. If a dispute moves to court proceedings, we’ll seek to protect a client’s position and will constantly monitor proceedings to achieve the most successful outcome possible.

Swinburne Maddison’s dispute resolution services include: 

  • commercial dispute resolution
  • private disputes between individuals
  • debt recovery
  • personal injury and clinical negligence
  • property litigation
  • private prosecutions
  • public procurement

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dispute resolution