Children related matters and care proceedings.

private children law

Swinburne Maddison LLP represents mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and other extended family members. In the first instance, we try to resolve child-related issues so that there is no need to go to court. However, court proceedings are sometimes necessary and essential.

The types of applications which can be made to the court are Contact, Residence, Prohibitive Steps and Specific Issues.

If you find that you are having difficulty with a parent or another family member in relation to child-related issues, please get in touch with us so that we may have a discussion to find a way forward. If you have already received a letter from a solicitor, a referral from a mediation service or you have received court papers, you should speak with us immediately.

Since 1st April 2013 Legal Aid is no longer available for these applications. However, funding is available for parties who are willing to take part in mediation. In addition, if you are a victim of Domestic Violence (see Domestic Violence section of this page) Legal Aid may be available. Please note that qualification for Legal Aid is subject to your financial means and the merit of your case.

public children law

Swinburne Maddison LLP represents parents, grandparents, other family members and those who have children living with them, in proceedings issued by the Local Authority.

We undertake cases at all Court levels, both on a private and Legal Aid basis. This includes representation in relation to Care Orders, Placement Orders, Adoption Orders and other similar proceedings.

We also advise before the Court becomes involved, including Initial Assessment, Child Protection Conference and Public Law Outline stages.

If you have been contacted by Social Services or have received Court papers in relation to children, you should contact us immediately.

Legal Aid is available to parents and may be available to other connected persons.

children - the law society

Significantly, one of our lawyers is accredited by the Law Society as a Children Law (Adult Representative). This is a quality mark for legal professionals working in child-related law and demonstrates our superior experience, knowledge and provision of best practice in child-related law.


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