Fun Run

Swinburne Maddison LLP gets colourful for St Cuthbert's Hospice


Saturday 6th June 2015 saw over one thousand people converge on the Aykley Heads are of Durham, to take part in the St Cuthbert’s Hospice Colourama event, a 5km “colour run” where participants ran, jogged and walked the route whilst being showered in powdered paint from paint stations along the way. 

Amongst those getting into the colourful spirit were Trainee Solicitor, Roland Fairlamb, Associate Member of CILEx, Helen Griffiths, and Partner, Alex Wilby (pictured).

Speaking about the event, Alex said, “It was a great day both for young families and ‘big kids’ alike, and a real privilege for Swinburne Maddison to continue to support St Cuthbert’s Hospice by sponsoring this event in its first year.  If the reaction of the crowds on the day are anything to go by, I’m sure there will be many more to come!”

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