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Court Fee increases implemented


Further to our earlier news item, we have now received confirmation that the increases proposed have taken effect as of yesterday, 21st March 2016.  There was some confusion regarding the legality of the implementation, however this has now been resolved and as a result the following Court fees will now apply to all cases:

 Issue fee for Possession Applications - £355 (if issued online it will be £325)

 General Application fee (by consent) - £100

 General Application fee (contested) - £255

 Applications for Divorce - £550

If you have any queries regarding these increases, please do not hesitate to contact David Low (for queries relating to civil fee increases ) on 0191 384 2441 or by e-mail on djl@swinburnemaddison.co.uk or Kath Hill(for queries relating to divorce fee increases) on 0191 384 2441 or by e-mail on kh@swinburnemaddison.co.uk.

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