David Low Partner Litigation

Three questions with... David Low, Partner


Question 1: Where did you study law and why did you want to become a lawyer?

I completed my undergraduate Law degree at the University of Leeds and then my Legal Practice Course in York.  I was very keen to have the full “University experience” and move away from my home city of Aberdeen after finishing my schooling. 

I am the first lawyer in my family (so far as I am aware) and so my choice of degree was very much led by school careers advisors who seemed keen to direct me into either medicine or law; at that time I had a bit of a phobia of blood so there was only really one choice! It wasn’t until I started my degree that I realised how much I enjoyed law and started really looking into the subject from a career perspective.


Question 2: Why did you want to specialise in Litigation work?

When I applied for a training contract with the firm in 2007 I really wasn’t sure what area of law I wanted to practice.  That year the firm was looking to take on 2 trainee solicitors and at the interview I was asked whether I would be interested in starting in litigation or in non-contentious property.

I was caught a little off guard by the question as I didn’t really know but I decided in that moment that litigation would probably suit my skill set and I was very keen on experiencing Court work first hand.  It was definitely the best decision I ever made as now I cannot imagine doing anything else!


Question 3: What has been your greatest achievement at Swinburne Maddison?

I could name a number of specific cases where we have managed to achieve some fantastic results for our clients, but in all honesty, my greatest achievement has been my progression through the firm and achieving Partnership at the age of 29.  This has been down to all the Partners in the firm (past and present) and the amazing people I work with. 

The whole firm has really encouraged and supported me to achieve my goals and develop a caseload which I enjoy; it is busy and challenging but making a positive difference is hugely rewarding.

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