Lauren Frisby, Real Estate Solicitor

Three Questions with... Lauren Frisby...


Question 1: Where did you study law and why did you want to become a lawyer?

I completed my undergraduate law degree at the University of Nottingham and then returned to the North East to complete the Legal Practice Course part-time at Northumbria University, while at the same time undertaking my training contract at a local firm. 

From early on I had an interest in the law as it affects and regulates all aspects of life and day-to-day interactions, whether we appreciate it or not. I also believed that a career in law would be challenging but that the sense of achievement from the work would make it all worthwhile and, I’m glad to say, I now have this belief confirmed daily. 


Question 2: Why did you want to specialise in Commercial Property?

In my initial legal roles I predominantly dealt with Residential Conveyancing but was then introduced to Commercial Property work during my training contract. I had always enjoyed the transactional nature of property work but found that I much preferred commercial work to residential as I find it more varied. I particularly enjoy building client relationships, really getting to grips with each client’s individual commercial needs and working with them to achieve these in every transaction. 


Question 3: What has been your greatest achievement at Swinburne Maddison?

Being in the fairly early stages of my career, I hope that my greatest achievements are yet to come but, at present, I have been most proud of my involvement in large scale development transactions, working closely with and having the opportunity to learn from the Partners in the team, as well as my work providing in-house Commercial Property services to a major North East construction company as part of a secondment arranged through the firm. 

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