Consumer Litigation

Buying goods and purchasing services is based on an implied trust that the goods or services that you are purchasing are fit for their purpose, they are as described to you when you purchased them and that they comply with the ever-growing thicket of regulations or trading standards.


However, what happens if you purchase a service or goods, and your implied trust is shattered by goods that were not as you were described or services which are not fit for purpose? Our Dispute Resolution team has extensive experience in representing clients who find themselves in similar situations. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the Consumer Rights laws, which have been designed to protect your rights in such circumstances.


Consumer disputes often emerge in a number of areas, but some of the most common cases we deal with include:

  • Faulty motor vehicles;
  • Services provided by tradesmen that are not fit for purpose and/or incomplete
  • Disputed Warranties or Guarantees regarding a product or service;
  • Disputes regarding contractual terms and conditions; and
  • Misrepresentation of goods or services.


Don’t settle for less than what you paid for when it may be possible to do something about it.  Whatever the nature or complexity of your dispute, our Dispute Resolution team have the skills and expertise to help.