Probate and Private Client Litigation

Our Dispute Resolution team are regularly instructed in relation to various types of probate and private client disputes and work very closely with the firm’s Private Client team to ensure that all technical aspects of the case are properly considered.


Our team appreciates that probate and private client disputes are often very upsetting and emotional in their nature, frequently involving strained relationships between family members. This type of dispute will also often involve a number of complex legal issues that must be taken into consideration, which can be difficult for clients to process, particularly in cases where family members have recently suffered a loss. Our experienced team will always approach disputes of this nature in a highly sensitive and sympathetic manner, providing advice which is clear, practical and timely.


Wherever possible, we will strive to keep the dispute out of court, encouraging clients to consider mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution where probate and private client disputes are concerned. Our team have a track record of resolving disputes at mediation, particularly involving family members, in cases where it initially seems almost impossible for the parties to agree a way forward.


Some examples of the types of cases that our team can assist with include:

  • Claims for financial provision from an estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975;
  • Disputed wills on the grounds of capacity or undue influence;
  • Probate disputes involving fraud;
  • Disputes involving Executors’ misconduct;
  • Breach of Trust claims; and
  • Issues around the Court of Protection and Lasting Power of Attorney.


Whatever the nature or complexity of your dispute, we have the skills and expertise to help. 


For advice or assistance in relation to any other non-contentious matters relating to your personal affairs, please contact a member of our Private Client team who will be able to discuss your requirements in detail.