Professional Negligence

When an individual seeks professional advice, this is usually because they are faced with a situation which falls outside of their own individual competencies. Trust is placed in a professional who will provide advice and guidance to help you reach important decisions, whether these be of a financial, legal or another specialist nature.


In some cases, the professional advice that you have relied upon may be careless, misguided or simply incorrect. If the negligent advice causes you to incur financial loss, you may be able to instigate a “professional negligence” claim against the professional who gave you the advice. In many cases, this claim is often referred to the professional’s insurer.


Professional negligence can occur in all areas where professional services are provided, but the most commonly encountered examples involve:

  • Accountants and Auditors;
  • Engineers;
  • Architects;
  • Solicitors and Conveyancers; and
  • Surveyors and Valuers.


Not surprisingly, professional negligence claims can require extensive investigation and expertise, and can become extremely complex. Our Dispute Resolution team has successfully represented a broad range of clients in such matters, with our lawyers handling the disputes with a forensic mindset and a consistently proactive outlook.


If you find that you have incurred financial losses due to advice that you have received from a professional, please contact our Dispute Resolution team to discuss this further.