We understand how distressing and stressful some family matters can be. 

That’s why everything we do in this field is driven by professional empathy and sensitivity - qualities which are displayed every day by the members of our Family Team in a wide range of applications.

Family Services


In the area of relationship breakdowns, our highly experienced, specialist advisers have all the expertise required to provide clients with the level-headed guidance and clear legal advice that’s pertinent to their situation. Where couples express a desire to maintain an amicable future relationship we can offer collaborative law and mediation. However, in instances where this isn’t the case clients can rely on our team of experienced advocates to represent them effectively in any court proceedings. The flexible nature of our services means that separating couples can, if they wish, opt for a specialist lawyer to help with the issues they face, as well as negotiate on their behalf.


Our public law solicitors are also very experienced in dealing with matters involving Local Authorities, which is one of the few areas of law still covered by Legal Aid.  




To help our clients avoid potential personal pitfalls we are equally adept at drawing up pragmatic co-habitation agreements and balanced pre- or post-nuptial agreements, and our offices have private meeting rooms in quiet surroundings which provide a comfortable setting in which to discuss these or any other personal, emotive requirements.


To find out more about the ways in which our Family Team could assist you, please call us on 0191 384 2441 or request a callback