These days it seems there’s more regulation and legislation for businesses to consider and adhere to than ever before.

Fortunately however, our specialist training arm, SM Training Solutions, can work with private and public sector businesses of all shapes and sizes to deliver practical, tailored, easily understood advice that allows management to implement cost-effective, workable solutions.

Our main training programmes are available in the following areas and can be fully tailored to your requirements to ensure the topic, style, length and location meet your needs precisely.

What we offer

Employment law/HR advice

Whether it’s preparing a contract of employment, handling a dismissal or anything in between, our expert Employment Law Team can provide the practical advice you require.

Debt recovery

Unpaid invoices can hurt your business’s cash flow, but there are practical steps you can take to minimise the time between issue and collection, thereby reducing your number of bad debts. Our team have a few tips and tricks which could prove invaluable.

Corporate governance

The running and management of a company comes with many legal considerations with which all company directors should be fully familiar. SM Training Solutions can provide all the easy-to-understand advice you need.

Public procurement

Our expert solicitors can provide your team with all the advice and general tips they need to run a streamlined public procurement tender process both effectively and practically, ensuring it is compliant with all new regulations.

To find out more about the ways in which our team could assist you, please call us on 0191 384 2441, or complete our online enquiry form.

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