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Dramatic increase in court fees for Civil Litigation and Family Clients


The Ministry of Justice has recently announced that it is pressing ahead with increases in certain civil court fees later this year, despite an overwhelming opposition to this in the consultation process undertaken at the start of the year.  The date for implementation is not yet known but we will provide a further update once that information is available.  The increases will be:

 Issue fee for Possession Applications - increase from £280 to £355 (if issued online it will be an increase from £250 to £325)

 General Application fee (by consent) - increase from £50 to £100

 General Application fee (contested) – increase from £155 to £255 (this increase will not apply to those applications which seek to vary or extend an injunction for protection from harassment or violence)

And the increases don’t stop there, with the Ministry of Justice also announcing the following changes to court fees in divorce proceedings:

 Applications for Divorce – increase from £410 to £550 


In addition to the above confirmed increases, the Government has also announced a consultation on the following further proposals:

• To increase the Consent Order fee in divorce proceedings from £50 to £100

• To increase the fee for enforcement of a Consent Order from £155 to £255

• To increase the maximum fee for Money Claims from £10,000 to at least £20,000

We will update you further on the outcome of these proposals as soon as the consultation periods have expired.  


If you would like to discuss any of the above changes in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact David Low(for queries relating to civil fee increases ) on 0191 384 2441 or by e-mail on or Kath Hill (for queries relating to divorce fee increases) on 0191 384 2441 or by e-mail on

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